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COVID-19 Shipping Update

07/09/2021 UPDATE:

We are currently processing orders and shipping orders (Monday - Friday) to all locations in the USA. Most orders are shipping within 24 hours!

We are seeing increased supply chain issues with some items now on national backorder.

USPS is currently running behind normal delivery schedule on most packages. Longest delays are on 60" Tubes. Delays vary with delivery locations. Some locations seeing none / to minor delays, while other locations are experiencing delays of 4-7 days.

We have added FedEx Home Delivery as a alternate delivery option on 60" material orders. FedEx is currently running more or less on time. Expected transit time 1-4 business days depending on location within the 48 contiguous states. 

We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and tightly following health recommendations. We have a number of contingency plans in place for the production and shipment of orders in a timely manner going forward.

With the fluidity and speed of the situation things can change quickly. We are doing our best to manage the situation and are grateful for each order that comes in!

Working together we will get through this!

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