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Different Grades / Types of 3M Paint Protection Film

We have had a number of questions recently regarding different 3M Paint Protection options. Such as is 'Is 3M Scotchgard the same as 3M Scotchgard Pro?', 'I am looking at paint protection for the hood of my car. What is the difference between 3M Ventureshield I found elsewhere and the 3M Scotchgard Pro Series you sell?'


3M currently has three different types of automotive paint protection in the consumer market.

  • 3M Scotchgard Pro Series
  • 3M Scotchgard
  • 3M Ventureshield


3M Scotchgard Pro Series

This is 3M's latest and premiere product (and the only one being updated). It was launched in 2014. (edit: It has been updated four times as of 2022.) It leads the industry in clarity, the ability to self heal light scratches to the top layer, compliance, and ease of application. This is the only 3M material we both recommend using and currently offer. 3M Scotchgard Pro Series available here. It does not have 3M logos printed on the plastic liner.


3M Scotchgard 

This was the industry benchmark for years. The last major update was in 2005. It was widely expected to be discontinued in 2014 when the Pro Series was launched. 3M has kept it around as a sort of B grade material. It does perform well, though it is harder to apply, does not offer the clarity of the Pro Series, and does not have a self healing layer. It has pink 3M logos on the backing paper.


3M Ventureshield

In 2007 3M bought out Venture Tape Corporation for its industrial adhesives business. Venture also had a small niche paint protection product. Ventureshield. It was very stretchy as it did not have a hard clear coat like other paint protection films. This made it easier for inexperienced installers to apply, but lacking a clear coat the material quickly dulled - especially here in Texas. It too has not been updated in over a decade and given its very short life expectancy is not worth the cost savings to apply to your vehicle. It has black 3M logos on the backing paper.


We hope the preceding information was helpful!  Know what you are getting before you click the buy button!

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