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RETURNS: Products purchased from PPFnow.com are both custom produced just for YOU at the time you place your order, and by their very nature are one time use products. They may not be returned or returned and exchanged for something else. Measure twice, order once. If in doubt of how much material you need, order more than you think you will need. All sales final.

SHIPPING: All products sold are inspected for damage before shipment and are shipped in new condition. As we are not the shipper, PPFnow.com is not responsible for product damage that occurs due to shipping. In these instances contact the shipper/carrier and place a damage claim with them. Verify your shipping address was entered correctly. Orders that come back undeliverable, unclaimed, or other are subject to a re-shipping fee / restocking fee of 20%.

LIABILITIES: Buyers assume full responsibility and liability for the use of the products purchased through this site. PPFnow.com carries no responsibility, either expressed or otherwise implied, for any part failures arising from the use of the aftermarket parts sold here. PPFnow.com is not responsible for property damage, injuries or death occurring as a result of the use of products sold on this site. Buyers indemnify and hold PPFnow.com harmless relating to the sale, installation and use of any item sold on this site. Buyers declare that they are familiar with the nature and quality of the parts before purchasing and are relying solely on their own investigation to make their buying decisions. PPFnow.com.com is not responsible for parts and/or vehicle damage caused by improper use or installation. Customers and PPFnow.com agree that any dispute concerning work performed, materials, parts or products sold or installed, or any other issue arising in any action between the parties will be decided by a judge in Dallas County, Texas, without a jury. Customers and PPFnow.com, and eachs' successors, hereby waive any right to a trial by jury.

CONDITIONS OF USE: Placing an order through this site indicates the buyer's acceptance of the above-referenced terms and conditions.