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Feeling nostalgic and thinking of a black bra / hood protector for your vehicle?

Put that bit of nostalgia back in its bottle. Those old black vinyl bras do more harm than good!

Skip the old school bra and go with a 12" deep clear bra instead!

For most vehicles covering the leading foot of the hood can be an easy DIY.  For the leading edge of the hood the clear bra material will be less $ than a traditional leather or vinyl bra, looks better, easier to maintain, and protects the paint better!

To find your size measure up the hood from the front most portion 11". At that point measure across the hood to the edge and see how wide it is there. Add 2 inches and there is your target size. Buy the next widest width and you are on your way! For this Mk7 GTI a 72" x either 12" or 24" wide would be enough to protect the hood. An 84" long version would leave you with enough to cover the leading portions of the fenders too.

As always measure what you want o cover and go from there. Contact us with any questions.


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