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Is it worth getting paint protection film?

Have you been asking yourself "Is it worth getting paint protection film?"

This fender was protected with 3M Scotchgard Pro series and took a sharp shot to the fender. The owner did not know whether it happened in a parking lot, while driving or in the garage...  The film was cut through and needed to be replaced. Was not sure whether the cut went into the paint or not.

Peeled back the material carefully and as you can see, no damage to the underlying factory paint! 

From there the balance of the film on the fender was removed and the panel cleaned. Next up a new section of film for the fender and back on the road.  If not for the paint protection film the owner would either have to live with the scratch and subsequent rust or have the panel repaired and repainted. That would have been a lot more money than buying all the paint protection in the first place.

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