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Snow plows are coming for you, are you ready?

Mid-February and we are deep in the heart of winter storm season! If you have yet to protect the hood of your vehicle from the onslaught of winter what are you waiting for? Get on it. Plow trucks are coming for you! Dropping tons of sand and rock salt – which can blast the finish of your vehicle quickly if the paint is left unprotected by paint protection film.

Have some chips already, no worries. Touch them up and apply our 3M Pro Series Paint Protection and say goodbye to further erosion!

We have rolls of various widths: 12”, 24” 30” and even 60” wide rolls to cover the whole hood in one sheet! We have various lengths available to fit your needs.

Orders are shipped daily USPS Priority Mail (Monday – Friday).   Two-Three days in transit to all of the USA means you can get your vehicle protected ASAP!

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