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An ounce of prevention better than a pound of cure!

Have an 2008-2014 Subaru Outback Sport / Impreza / WRX / STI?  You can easily protect your hood (the most prone area for chipping) for a lot less than you might think with our bulk rolls of 3M Scotchgard Pro Series - industry leading top of the line paint protection material - PPF!

For this generation Subaru a 24" x 60" roll will give you coverage for about half of the hood.  A 12" x 60" roll would cover the leading portion of the hood.

The owner of this Outback Sport did not go that direction however. Drove the car unprotected and developed large chips - which have RUSTED as you can see from the photo...



An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Don't delay, order protection for your vehicle today!

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