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Shipping 60 Inch Wide Rolls of 3M Scotchgard Pro Series Paint Protection Film

Thinking about going big and covering your entire hood with paint protection film but wondering how such a large sheet can be safely shipped?  We had a recent customer ask just that. 

We ship 60" wide rolls in a heavy duty mailing tubes

  • Rigid tubes are 3 ply spiral wound
  • .125" extra-thick tubes offer heavy-duty protection for shipping
  • Each tube weighs ~ 2.5 pounds empty!

60" Tubes

Orders are shipped daily FREE - Insured USPS Priority Mail (Monday – Friday).   Two-Three days in transit to all of the USA means you can get your vehicle protected ASAP!

60" 3M Scotchgard Pro Series Available HERE

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  • PPFnow on

    To figure out how long of a roll you need you would need to measure the areas you would like to cover and go from there. Measure the maximum length and width of the hood keeping in mind the dimension from front to back will usually be from the center back past the end of the hood to account for the typically longer dimension at the sides. Hope that helps.

  • VIk on

    I need for two cars

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