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Say NO to the old fashioned hard bug deflector, and save $ in the process!

You have seen them, the venerable acrylic bug deflector. They were your only option decades ago, but like everything else, time changes your options! I guess it would look less noticeable on a black car, or maybe a truck, but on this? Nope, mustache time and not in a flattering way.  I searched for said bug deflector and found dozens of outlets selling them for ~$85 delivered.

Clearly a better option would be some 3M Scotchgard Pro Series from us! 

Which looks better? 


Yep, top one all day!  

We have a variety of 12" wide rolls here $40-60 for this application. $40 would cover what the hard plastic bug bra would cover and $60 would be a long enough roll to cover the leading ~12" of the hood (a lot more than the hard bug bra would ever cover - both options are significantly less than a hard plastic bug bra - even adding a professional quality squeegee too!

Don't delay protect your hood today!



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