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Traditional Black Bra is not the way to protect your paint!

Remember the Prowler? Funky car (albeit with an uninspired driveline) that was amazingly built. It would not get built today! In any case you could actually buy a matching trailer for it! But the front of the trailer would take a beating from the stones and debris thrown up by the tires, so a traditional black bra for the trailer was also available. 

Thinking a traditional black bra might be the way to protect the paint of your vehicle / trailer? From the good folks over at Road & Track


"There is little room here to debate the stylistic merits of the Car Bra, aside from the fact that the Car Bra is deeply, extraordinarily, painfully uncoolthe equivalent of black Dockers Cushion Comfort Sport Crew socks with a pair of TEVA sandals. "

The worst part of the black bra ($159.99 delivered) is the fact that it typically damages the paint it is there to protect. The review from Amazon "Its [sic] very hard to put on, and you have to use two sided tape around top edge of trailer, so that messes up your paint."

While a clear bra can also be hard to apply (the more compound curves the more effort the application - the flatter the surface the easier the application) a clear bra won't damage the paint and it preserves the clean look of your vehicle. Win-win.


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